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An alternative for heads human resources :

In the current context when we try to suceed in life, most people declare funding important difficulties to achieve it.

Concerning the company market, the good health at work is deteriorating and in different sites on the internet, it is possible to read that 86% of the executives in europe are victims of negative stress :

The majority of the person considered that their professional activities have in general repercussions on their good health and this due to 44% of stress, to the working rhythm, to the tiredness, and lacking gratitude. 

The extremely professional exhaustion, physical and psychological, called « burnout » became an important subject of absenteeism at work and at the same time, it is difficult and expensive to find a good collaborator.

Keep your team effective and motivated 

One of the perpetuity keys in the company pass by the preservation of the quality teams that have the society. It's this way that the employer needs services to contribute to the recharge of his team, to preserve economically and sociably his company.

« art bienêtre », art wellbeing, propose stays for the employees, executives and companies persons in charge :

The stays, the complete pension and the activities.

In our center, we dispose of two suites, a triple room, four double rooms that could be reserved in simple. All equipped, bright, with space and impregnable open view.

You can also take advantage of the different activities as yoga, pilates, and numerous sports, excursions, themed evenings.


Formations adapted to the needs of the companies

Because to prepare the labor risks and to increase the individual aptitude of the labors maintaining life quality, preserving  health and has to be a priority and a commitment to life. 

To invest in promotion of the health diminishes the accidents and the illnesses, the productivity increases, it diminishes the absenteeism and the conflicts, improves the labor climate, the motivation and the participation, increasing the retention of the talent. 

The company's key of the success is in its personnel, and its future depends, to a great extent, being provided with a personal prepared, motivated and healthy.

The professional team of Artbienêtre offers a week full of formations to recharge all the necessary  and essential energy to your succès.Il is 4 times 3 hours of training over a week:

Training 1: As a leader , to build an effective team and get performance
Training 2: Improve your work and manage emotional intelligence

A detailed brochure of the program for both formations will be sent on request by mail or telephone.

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Other water activities such as scuba diving , jet ski , golf etc ... . can be arranged on request.