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Founder of “The Art of Wellbeing”

“Fulfilment in life is reached by personal growth”

Our professional friendly staff will be happy to accompany you in this exciting venture.  We understand that everyone is an individual and will help plan your stay to accommodate  your needs   The concept of ”The Art of Wellbeing” has been designed to help people from all walks of life achieve their goals.  Whatever you`re seeking whether it´s weight loss a healthier more vibrant you or just a rest from the outside world, you´ll find it in “The art of wellbeing”

Masters degree EBBS Bordeaux.

Head of Health Department

“I like teaching – knowledge empowers you”

My detox program will help you to improve health and increase energy, boost your immune system and achieve clarity of mind - all this using only natural therapies and products. I´ll show you how, by eating the right foods, (according to your blood group) you can decrease food intolerance, better your digestion, eliminate constipation or diarrhea and loose weight or gain weight if need be.

Health and Beauty Therapist, (confed)

Joan Price London UK

Naturopath (ND)

Wyoming University –USA

Colon- hydrotherapy Teaching Diploma

Dr. Milo Siwert, Boscombe Bounremouth Clinic, UK

Yoga Teacher

“Look for peace of mind and health will follow”

Yoga is the road to open our consciousness, find ourselves and be at peace with all that surrounds us. No matter what age you are or what movement restrictions you may have, through the right yoga posture and correct breathing you can regain suppleness and equilibrium. You´ll feel relaxed and find serenity within yourself.  Learn to become one in body and mind.

Yoga Teacher
Sadhana Yoga School, Barcelona.

Sports Coach & Pilates

“Regain strength and find joy through exercise”

Add quality to your life through cardiovascular movement.  When we exercise our blood flows quicker promoting a faster heart beat and an increased oxygen intake, we feel exhilarated and our endorphins (happy hormones) are stimulated. As we grow older we forget how good we used to feel playing, running, dancing etc. Together we´ll choose the right exercises for you to help you regain that youthful feeling.

Physical Education (masters degree)
Sports Teacher

Beauty Therapist

“Beauty starts by loving yourself”

 Allow me to enhance your beauty using only the best natural organic products. Let me pamper you with a special facial or a relaxing body treatment.   Watch stress and wrinkles fade away, regain the glow of a youthful skin.  If you look good, you´ll feel good.

Beauty Therapist (Arce Galera Benindorm)